Jamie Ghany, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What can be expected after my initial inquiry?

A:  A 10 minute call will be scheduled to discuss what you would like from therapy and my approach to therapy, and to answer any questions you may have.  

Q: What can be expected in the initial appointment?

A: We will talk in depth about your reasons for the consultation and/or seeking treatment.  By the end of this appointment, we will discuss a plan for moving forward.  If it is deemed that you would benefit from psychotherapy, we will also outline what you would like to accomplish and how we can best work on your goals.

Q: Once the consultation is over, does that automatically mean that we begin treatment?

A: There are a couple of objectives of the initial consultation. One of these objectives is to evaluate whether you would benefit from treatment. Another is for you to determine whether you are ready for and able to engage in treatment. A client, for example, may be seeking a professional opinion about a problem he or she may be having but may not be interested in pursuing treatment at that time. In other situations, after the initial assessment is completed, the recommendation may be that the client be referred to another mental health practitioner who specializes in treating the client's symptoms or issues. If this is the case, a referral will be made to another therapist.

Q: Are the sessions confidential?

A: Strict confidentiality is maintained except in specific circumstances. By law, therapists are required to break confidentiality in situations where they become aware of the neglect or abuse of a child, dependent adult or elder. Confidentiality is also broken if there is a reasonable concern that a client intends to kill him-or herself or intends to be violent toward another person. In these situations, it is my duty to secure your safety or to warn the potential victim. Clients typically have questions about these exceptions when starting treatment. These limits to confidentiality will be reviewed in the first session.

Q: Do you prescribe medication?

A: I do not prescribe medication. Clients may consider taking medication as part of their treatment but it is not always necessary. If the client is interested in seeking out a consultation for medication, I will provide the client with a referral to a psychiatrist.